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We need your phone IMEI in order to unlock it. Dial *#06# to get it fast and easly!


If you have an iPhone just synchronize with iTunes, if it's other brand you'll receive the unlocking code and the steps to introduce it.



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    review rating 5  Very good service and attention. recommended, thanks Sandra.

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About Us

We have been doing SIM unlocks for many years. First, we used to buy iPhones and other smartphones in US and bring them to EU for resale, for all Europe. Phones were usually locked.

There were many ways to unlock them. Back in the old days it used to be possible to unlock iPhones by updating firmware. Many people used to change their iPhone 3GS baseband to an iPad's one (the famous 06.15.00) but this came with a costly downside, the GPS stopped working.

Always existed a non-factory unlock method for other brands and models. Non-iPhone smartphones were mostly unlocked with a "box", where you use to connect your phone to a "magic box", pay some credits, and get your phone unlocked. Either way, it was not an official unlock, so it would void our phones warranty. That was unacceptable for high end phones (low end devices didn't worth the work bringing them overseas).


1Will i get a refund if my non-apple device is not unlocked?

100% YES, you will get a refund if your phone is not unlocked. If you have a non-Apple device and we provided an unlock code, you will be refunded if you send us video showing that your phone is not unlocked. There is no refund if your phone has iCloud activated but you do not know the details, so make sure iCloud is disabled or you know your details before submitting your order.

2Will i get a refund if my apple device is not unlocked?

100% YES, we have a tool to check if Apple devices are locked or unlocked. Any one can check Apple devices unlock status, not only us. If we check and device is locked, yes, we will issue a refund. In 99% of cases, the user is not applying the unlock correctly so please, follow step by step our instructions sent by mail or have a look at our section

Activate unlock on apple devices
3What does it mean that a device is blacklisted o barred?

It means that it is in the "blacklist" of network operators for some reason. Mainly because of fraud, reported lost, stolen or insurance claim.

4Why mi device is blacklisted?

You should ask that question to the person that sold the device to you.

5Can i check if my device is blacklisted?

Yes, sure. Have a look at out section

and easly find our if your phone is blacklisted.